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Smart Learn Classroom
Technology is the backbone of development. The future citizens need to be acquainted with it. Keeping pace with globalization and technological changes in education our school is providing new age digital solution that being the best of global technology to provide an engaging child centric teaching learning experience in the classroom. Our classrooms are equipped with smart boards which provides quick and easy access to online resources.

Reading is a childs gateway to the world. It transcends the mind and fills it with knowledge and wisdom. A school library is a catalyst for literary and reading and for teaching and scaffolding enquiry learning. The school’s library is a centre of learning and plays a key role as a place for encouraging innovation, curiosity and problem solving. To develop the learning skills of the students, our school provides a well-stocked and computerized library  for the students with the latest books for reading and research. It is a fundamental resource for supporting student’s learning.

Theories are only hypothetical unless they are proved through practical demonstration. Knowledge imparted in class can only be reinforced through practical experiments. Well-equipped science labs with all the pre-requisites, computer lab and math’s lab facilitate a self learning area  so our school which provides abundant scope to the students to do practical work and develop their experimental skills.

A playground is like a breathing space for children, the sight of which fill their hearts with profound happiness. Our school’s playground enhance the strength, co-ordination flexibility and perceptual motor skills among the students helping them to increase their physical stamina and mental strength. Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Kho- Kho, Cricket, Balance rope, and other games are the facilities provided by our school.

Art Room 
The vibrant colours of an artists palate bring vibrancy in our lives too. Art matures inventiveness and expression as its engages children in a process that aids the development of creative skills, self motivation and catharsis. The school offers creative activities like painting, sculpture through its art room which function on the principle to spread colour in lives of the students

Extended Facilities
We have a well equipped infirmary, a delightful playroom for our toddlers, a fully furnished auditorium , an audio visual room and a dance and music room.