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Chairman’s Message

Dear friends and family of Mount Columbus School,

This year we have come a long way, but our journey has only just begun. Rather than talking about our past successes I wish to focus on the future and what our goals and aspirations for Mount Columbus School are in the years to come.

Provide a better future for children of Dakshinpuri:

We consider it a privilege to have the ability to affect lives of 1,500 families of Dakshinpuri. Some of our students are the first in their families to get an education. And through education our children can aspire for a better tomorrow.

Foster in our children attitude of Love, Respect and Truth:

Through books, classroom training and extra-curricular activities our goal is to instill in our students an attitude of LOVE, RESPECT for all, and TRUTH no matter what the price. By instilling these core ideals we strive to help our Mount Columbus students be better human beings.

Get parents involved in school activities:

Our humble and heartfelt request to parents is to please get more involved with Mount Columbus School. Come meet your child's teacher. Have a positive impact on the lives of your children. Join us in this journey to make Mount Columbus a better place. We need your help and support.

Provide an atmosphere for students and teachers to excel:

We at Mount Columbus strive to provide an atmosphere for students and teachers alike to excel in everything they do, be it teaching, studying, learning, reading, sports, music, dance, drama or whatever else one chooses to do. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that helps us to do our very best.

Obtain support from area businesses to make Mount Columbus a better place:

We request businesses in Saket and Dakhinpuri to help in whatever way possible to make Mount Columbus School a better place. We encourage you to come visit us. See what we are doing. And join us to help prepare our children for a better tomorrow.

With this, our sincere thanks to our parents, students, teachers and staff for all that you do to make Mount Columbus School a better place.


With warm personal regards,


Harish Chinai