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The school encourage students to stand on their own feet, take their own decision and reach to the zenith through self discipline, integrity and courage because we believe that each child spends a major part of his life in the school. In these years of molding his/her character we give utmost attention and care. Each child gets the best care and support. The education programmed is student centered and offers a judicious mix of academic, sports and co-curricular activities. Realizing the vision of excellences and innovation through an environment of extreme intellectual rigor, freedom of thought and creativity is our aim. Our mission is to educate our students in a way that they become lifelong learners so that each of them possesses the skills, knowledge, creativity, sense of self word and contribute to a diverse and changing world. World class quality of education and pay special attention.

Objectives and Ideals

  • To develop an effective command over language and communication.
  • To imbibe a scientific temper of curiosity, awareness and global understanding.
  • To promote creativity, enterprise and individuality.
  • To integrate formal education with e-larning.
  • To create an ambience of body, soul, mind and ethical values.
  • To preserve the rich heritage and moral values of India.
  • To encourage self discipline, independent thought.
  • To develop social awareness by honouring all religion and promoting commitment to the community and Nation.


Our ‘Motto’ is “Spread the knowledge”. This calls upon the students spread their knowledge and wisdom to remove darkness of ignorance. We create a lively and modern learning environment for the students in which the learners are able to develop:

  • A lifelong love for learning
  • Self respect and a belief in their own abilities.
  • An understanding of right and wrong
  • Self discipline and respect for their rights and needs of others and for the society.

Thus, they may emerge as worthy members of the society and ideal citizens of the country.